Clean hands are your best defense against the coronavirus pandemic

Hand sanitizers won’t help. They can’t remove dirt. Chemicals can only deactivate germs.

Handwashing is the best option to keep you clean and protected.


A portable hand sink is a perfect addition to any establishment. Whether you need a temporary handwashing station for an event or a permanent addition to your building, Mr Sink© has got you covered.

Mr Sink© portable handwashing station is perfect for any room. It operates perfectly even without a water connection. Mr Sink© mobile units are designed to comply with CNESST hygiene and safety standards.

Now that’s peace of mind.

Mr Sink© Features

Hands-free operation

Portable – take it anywhere

All in one compact system – water, sink, soap, and drying

Stainless steel finish ideal for hygienic environments

No leaks, no mess system tubes keep your floor clean

No installation required – just fill with water and wash!

OPTIONAL 110/120V water heater for temperature 38° - 43°C

Handwashing is the best way to stop cross-contamination

Mr. Sink© portable handwashing station is self-contained. No need for water lines or drainage

Portable Handwashing Station ideal for:

Hospital frontline and triage areas for COVID-19

Any room with no water supply and plumbing

Entrance points of condos and buildings

Clinics and health care facilities

Classrooms and playgrounds

Construction work areas

Catering and food preparation

Childcare and geriatric care

Shared areas and lobbies

Events and gatherings

Markets and groceries

Cashiers and booths

Handwashing is the best way to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections

Mr Sink© portable handwashing station is the most effective solution to the problem of contamination.

A Mr Sink© unit placed in a high-risk area is your first line of defense against the pandemic.

Promote good hygiene. Keep them safe